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RWBTC is a recreational bicycling club devoted to the promotion of friendly cycling in the Redlands, CA area.

We cater to riders of all levels and abilities.

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Elon Musk says Tesla ‘might do an electric bike’
Published on: 11/11/2018
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is no stranger to innovation. From cars to rockets to tunnels, the prolific entrepreneur often redefines entire industries, sometimes beginning with a single joke or tweet.

Now he has dropped a new bomb on us, opening the door to a Tesla electric bicycle.
GM is now making e-Bikes, and it needs your help naming them
Published on: 11/11/2018
General Motors unveiled two new electric vehicles Friday, but not the kind you would expect from the nation’s largest automaker. Two new electric bikes — one foldable, the other compact — are introduced as part of a broader effort by GM to promote its plans for an electric future.
Tour de France 2019 Official Route
Published on: 11/11/2018
Route of the 2019 Tour de France
Interview: A Beginner's Guide to Ketogenic Diets for Cyclists
Published on: 11/11/2018
As someone who tries to avoid white sugar and wheat, I learned from personal experience that it takes a while to adapt to riding well when you’re restricting carbohydrates. For me, it took almost six weeks of a much higher perceived effort during faster rides before I finally started to adapt and feel normal again. Once I did, I was able to ride for two or more hours just carrying water without worrying about bonking, which helped me avoid eating and drinking most of typical sugary cycling products I felt were not necessarily beneficial to my health in the first place....
The 20 Best U.S. Cities to Explore by Bike
Published on: 11/11/2018
Whether you're a tourist taking in the sights or a local checking out new corners of your hometown, biking is one of the best ways to explore. But which U.S. cities are best suited for this type of adventure?
How to Descend Safely on a Ride
Published on: 11/11/2018
Some Safe Descending Tips
Which Muscles are Really Used During the Pedal Stroke
Published on: 5/9/2018
As the title says.