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RWBTC is a recreational bicycling club devoted to the promotion of friendly cycling in the Redlands, CA area.

We cater to riders of all levels and abilities.

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Top 10 Technique Tips to Improve Your Cycling Efficiency
Published on: 9/1/2019
While pedaling technique is the most common area to focus on when trying to improve your cycling efficiency, other aspects of your technique such as shifting at the right time and your position on the bike can make a big difference, too.

Whether you’re looking for free speed in your next cycling event or just want to stay with that slightly faster training partner, use these 10 technique tips to become a more efficient cyclist.
How to Ride During a Summer Heat Wave
Published on: 9/1/2019
Cycling during the summer isn’t always pleasant, but by taking the proper precautions it can be way more bearable. From getting acclimated to timing your rides, use these tips to learn how to ride through a summer heat wave until cooler weather returns.
11 Exercises to Boost Hip Strength
Published on: 9/1/2019
When discussing muscles involved in the pedaling motion of cycling, most people think of quadriceps and hamstrings. While these muscles certainly play an important role, the many muscles of the hip also deserve attention, and the weight room is the perfect place to keep them functioning properly.
6 Tips for Mastering Descents
Published on: 9/1/2019
Few things in cycling are as blissful as a long, winding descent, but if you want to maximize speed, you need to do more than kick back to admire the scenery. Downhill scorcher and former national criterium champion Antonio Cruz shares his advice on finding the mix of speed, stability, and maneuverability that results in the fastest safe way down.
Types of Road Bikes and the Best Uses for Each
Published on: 8/6/2019
When you walk into a bike shop looking for your next ride, try not to feel overwhelmed by the myriad of bikes, designed for every purpose imaginable. Whether you'll spend hours or days on the road, there's a specialty bike for every need.
How to Ride with Slower Cycling Friends
Published on: 5/31/2019
It’s unlikely that you and all your cycling friends can ride at the same pace every time you head out. Maybe you’re just feeling extra peppy one day and the normal speed doesn’t appeal to you, or maybe you’ve got some well-earned oomph in your pedal stroke from time spent at the gym.

But rather than heading off on a solo trip or not riding with them at all, use these tips to continue riding with your slower friends without ignoring your own training needs.
Protein For Recovery: A Detailed Look at the Studies
Published on: 5/31/2019
Most sports drinks, fruit juices, and sodas contain carbohydrates as their almost exclusive source of calories. Some coaches and nutritionists advocate adding protein to recovery drinks, generally to speed glycogen replacement.

Is the addition of protein to sports drinks helpful in promoting recovery? Should you use a sports drink with protein? You’ll find details of the science underlying the answers to these questions below.
13 Ways to Improve Your Climbing
Published on: 5/31/2019
Tips on improving your climbing.
5 Ways to Boost Bike-Handling Skills
Published on: 5/1/2019
It may not have occurred to you if you have been cycling for a long time, but riding a bike is a skill — and like any skill, it can be improved. While swimmers and golfers are used to practicing technique all the time, cyclists are less open to the idea enhanced skill and bike handling can make the sport more fun and safe — and boost results at the same time. Consider the road rider who struggles to shift smoothly or stand and attack to stay with a group or climb quickly — it’s all in the handling.
4 Alternatives to Gels For Hard Riding Fuel
Published on: 5/1/2019
When you’re riding your bike hard, it gets difficult to eat. All that heavy breathing and attacking makes getting food out of your pocket, into your mouth and digested challenging. While many athletes use gels for high-intensity efforts, many others don’t like the taste or texture of gels. Athletes who find a whole gel hard to swallow or those who would like a more natural or DIY solution are in luck. Here, we put together a few alternatives:
Which Muscles are Really Used During the Pedal Stroke
Published on: 5/9/2018
As the title says.