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RWBTC is a recreational bicycling club devoted to the promotion of friendly cycling in the Redlands, CA area.

We cater to riders of all levels and abilities.

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League of American Bicyclists

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What's Happening?
What's Happening?
By Mark Friis
Posted: 2011-09-21T22:48:00Z
As cyclists it's about getting on your bike and enjoying the ride for whatever reason. But sometimes we forget there are other forces behind the scenes trying to get bikes off the roads. In Oregon there is a movement to not allow groups or events of 50 or more cyclists to use the roads. Now this seems crazy to you all but it is happening in other places. Black Hawk, CO no riding bikes allowed. you MUST walk your bike through their town. As teh cycling movement gains steam there is a counter force trying to stop it. Hence why it is important for all of us to at teh very least know whats happening out there. i would encourage all of you to sign up with some kind of advocacy organization so you are in the know. The League of American Bicyclists is the main national representative in Washington DC and there are a few benefits to being a member, such as this magazine. There are many state and local groups which we will have on our links page.
Short and sweet (maybe bitter for some). One last thing, those bike lanes in Redlands. Someone stood up to have that happen, so stand up.