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RWBTC is a recreational bicycling club devoted to the promotion of friendly cycling in the Redlands, CA area.

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New Shoes
Michael Miller
I am looking to buy new Shoes. My existing shoes are a little big for me. I wear two pair of socks and strap them down as much as they go.

Just wondering what people think of different shoes they have tried. I figure a Carbon Fiber sole is good. My current shoes have two velcro straps and one ratchet buckle. I see some shoes with a wire "lace" that you tighten up with a knob. I guess the idea being equal tension up and down the shoe. I see other shoes with no fancy bukles but just velcro straps.

Any opinions welcome
Marc Shaw
They aren't cheap, but provided they fit your feet, spend the money on a pair of SIDI shoes. I ended up ordering the wide version (mega) and am VERY pleased with them. Cyclery gave me a decent price on them. Just remember, SIDI only makes one thing - footwear. No helmets, components, tires, gloves, etc.... just shoes... and they do it well!
Don Q
I have Specialized and I'm happy with them. Everyone I know that has Sidi raves about them, as evidenced by the previous post. You need a good fit. That's the first and formost no matter what brand. Then you need to consider your pedal; Look, Crank Bros, SPD, etc. Carbon is great; expect to pay for it.
Kathy Behrens
I'm with  Marc. Roger and I both wear SIDIs and we love them.  He has both racer style and SPD "mountain bike" style (i.e., where the cleats are protected and you're not walking with your toes  up. That's what I use and I love them.  You can adjust them even when the straps stretch out a bit by moving them to a tighter position.  We got ours out at the warehouse near Ontario (which might have moved by now).  I forget the name. 
Bill Green
I also have Sidi, and would never have anything else. They are the mountain version with eggbeater cleats, and with the stiff sole, they give good support on the smallish pedal surface. The only negative I have heard is, because they do not have vent holes in the bottom, some have said that their feet get hot in the summer. Hasn't cause me a problem yet, but when it gets to 100 degrees plus, I'll let you know more.
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