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Idaho stop law article in July Newsletter
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I really enjoyed the article in this months newsletter concerning the Idaho Stop law. As well as the main focus of the article being should cyclists treat Stop signs as yield signs, other issues crop into my mind while reading.

1. Motorists seem to lump all cyclists into one homogeneous entity. We all think, act, and ride the same way. Cyclist are sometimes guilty of this way of thinking as well, but Less so because most Cyclist are also motorists.

2. Cyclist are perceived as being whiners, demanders, wanting special consideration. IE want the rights and privileges of the road but not wanting responsibility for obeying traffic laws. To some extent this is true. However, it is possible that some traffic laws are designed for cars and do not translate to bikes well.

3. Motorists claim Cyclists are rude and dangerous. Some are, many are not. Same said for drivers. And remember, most cyclists are also drivers.

Back to the article, in my mind, most Stop signs should be yield signs, whether for cars or bicycles or motorcycles. This opinion not based on a study, but stopping and rolling in a car, uses more gas, adds more wear and tear on brakes, clutches, and tires. Then there is no special privileges for one segment of the vehicle traffic and everyone is happy.

The other thing is we as cyclists are bargaining from a position of weakness. Don't anger cars, they can hurt you.
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