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Thanks Don Q.  I was able to do it.  I see it's going to take some practice though.

I've changed a number of start and finish points on my rides. It is as simple as click and drag. Zoom in close and do it in steps. Choose "optimize for...Driving, Cycling, Walking" as needed. I use the "add/remove control point" to prevent problems with adding miles to the route.

Fred, I don't know if Ride With GPS (RwGPS9 has the ability to edit (crop rides), but I know for sure Strava can crop rides, particularly when one forgets to turn off the GPS.  The free version of Strava can do this.  Once you crop your ride in Strava, you can export the file and import that file to RwGPS.

Disclaimer:  I have not used RwGPS for tracking my rides so I don't know if they have this feature.

Does anyone know how to change the start and end point of an existing ride?  I will be on a long motorhome trip this summer and I want to edit rides in the area to start and end at the RV park that I will be staying at. 

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