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RWBTC is a recreational bicycling club devoted to the promotion of friendly cycling in the Redlands, CA area.

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San Clemente ride Saturday 4/18
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To all of my cycling friends - RWBTC, RYF, RBC - beat the heat and join us for a great CCC training ride THIS coming Saturday (4/18) to San Clemente with the train ride back! Choose your distance, 77, 57, 44, or 29 miles. RSVP now on, or comment here, and indicate where you will join us. This is a No-Drop ride and we will go whatever speed and make whatever stops needed to accommodate everyone.

I expect the average speed will probably be between 13-15 mph, but we will adjust based on riders that join us.

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" Beat the inland heat on this fun training ride! Start from Metrolink stations in Riverside-Downtown (77mi), West Corona (57mi), Anaheim Canyon (44mi), or Tustin (29 mi) - and ride to San Clemente (arrive around 1:30pm) for lunch and then a nice mid-afternoon train ride back to your starting location. Earliest start time is 7:00am in Riverside and pick up people down the line to approx. 10:30/11:00 at Tustin.

No-drop ride! Speeds will be adjusted to accommodate all riders. I would guess a 14-15mph average for the day, but depends on who comes along. Helmets are required for all cyclists.

REALLY need people to RSVP to we can make arrangements for where and when to meet. Plan is to take 3:14pm train back from San Clemente, though there is another at 4:30, if you want to stay longer. "
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