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Saturday rides

Saturday Remote Ride from West Corona Metrolink
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Metrolink won't accomadate extra bike cars. There schedules are fixed and sometimes don't even have the bike cars when the schedule shows thay should have one.

Is it safe to assume that leaders for this weekends rides which incorporate the train have notified metrolink in case a second bike car needs to be added?
This was posted on the facebook site by Kathy Jo Lorenz.

...because this thread got so confusing...

The "91 line" leaves at 7:40 AM and arrives at 8:04 AM
The "Inland Empire - Orange County" leaves at 7:50 AM and arrives at 8:17 AM

Two different trains, two different lines, starting from the same station, ten minutes apart...both going to the same destination in Corona arriving 13 minutes apart.
Hello all,

I took a look at the train schedule on-line. It looks like the train in Riverside leaves at 7:50am and arrives in w. corona at 8:17am.

I am putting the official start time of the ride in W. Corona at 8:30am.

Jim, Your Ride Director
I have the printed copy of the schedule that I just picked up two weeks ago at the station, and the 91 Line had no weekend schedule. I just went on line and found the new schedule dated July 5th; so, indeed, we can catch a train that will allow us to catch up sooner with the early departure crowd.

Train #857 is on the Inland Empire-Orange County Line. I was referring to train #751 on the 91 Line that leaves Riverside-Downtown at 7:40am and arrives at West Corona at 8:04am.  Even with a 15 min delay in start time, there will be 7 hours to make the first train from San Clemente, and an additional; hour and 40 minutes to make the second train back.  To me that is well worth the gas and time to NOT drive an additional 35-40 miles round trip, particularly with afternoon/evening traffic on the 91, as well as being a greener alternative - IEBA would be proud of us!
Jerry et. all,
The current Metrolink timetable has the #857 train leaving Riverside at 7:50, arriving at Corona West at 8:17 on Saturday. I think it's a good idea to take the train from Riverside, but I'm not sure it is prudent to ask the rest of the riders to delay the 15 minutes. Personally I think we (fast riders) can catch the rest of the group. We know all of the shortcuts.
Any chance we can set start time for 8:15? This would allow folks to park at Riverside Station and take train to West Corona, arriving at 8:04am. This option saves the drive in traffic (and gas) on 91 Freeway back to Riverside, AND doesn't cost any more - falls under $10 ticket for the entire day.
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