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Trek 5200 OCLV ? 120 Carbon Information on this bi...
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I have been thinking about changing the Cassette on my Trek as you suggested. So I did a search online on how to go about it just to see how much trouble it is. In the write up I read, they say, make sure to replace with the same gear ratios as the old. Said that was very important. I don't see why, but the writer makes a big point of it. I assume that it would require a longer chain though If I went to a 11-28 or 11-32. Do you still have the 11-32 for sale?
Sram make both a 9 speed and 10 version. Better value and work well. I have a vg condition 11/32 9 spd cassette for sale which would work with a long cage derailleur, and be equivalent to a triple setup without the constant shifting a triple demands. For general club riding 11/28 is ideal, but for the mountains 11/32 is nice.
Is the 11/28 Sram 9 speed or 10?
yes it is a 12/25 on it at least from the speccs I found on line. I am not planning on spending any money on it. I am really thinking about selling it, then I thought should I sell it or my existing bike. The Trek seems nice but I don't want to spend money on changing out the drive train, I am not unhappy with what I have, not sure I want the three rings. I plan on riding it this weekend to see how it feels. maybe ride it Saturday and my Cannondale Sunday

A rather firm ride! Probably has a 12/25 cassette. Ditch the triple chain wheel for a compact 34/50T and put an 11/28 Sram cassette on it. You need a 170 or perhaps 172.5mm crank arm. I do have a vg condition Compact carbon Control Tech 170 crank for sale that would fit it.

I have come into posession of a size 54 of these. I have looked on the Trek web site to find information about it. I found some specs for various years models. I believe the bike to be a 2004 model as the 2006 model has 10 speed cassette while the 2004 has a 9 speed cassette.

This one has a 3 chainring front the trek sight shows it came with either 2 or 3. All Ultegra. Any way I was wondering how this bike was rated. I rode it once, it is a bit bigger than my current frame my current is 50. IT was not a long ride but it felt like a good ride, smoother than my Cannondale, and still lively. I am not used to 3 chainrings not sure I like that or not.
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