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Speed Play Zero Pedals
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They take a little getting used to but definately less missed clip ins than with my KEO's
Grease gets everywhere. Sometimes the little hole in the fitting is partially clogged, or the grease gets gummy in or around the bearings, or the threads on the rubber boot aren't a tight fit. Next time the grease will probably come out somewhere else, but that's what paper towels are made for. Good luck, good pedaling!
Thanks Bill,

I stopped in at O'Reilly's Tuesday night and got one. I got the rubber nub fitting for it as Russel suggested. I was able to force the grease in to the point where the old grease starts to come out the spindle side as per instructions but it seems more grease comes out the mating point of the rubber boot to the grease gun than goes into the pedal. IS that normal?

Should be good.

My main cincern was that when I changed the pedals, I wanted to go for a ride but did not have a gun. I did not want to ruin the pedals by using before greasing, but as with all things new you want to try them out. I was able to use the bike that I transfered my old pedals to and postponed trying the new pedals to this weekend now that I have pumped some grease into them.
I have a grease gun that I bought for my Egg Beaters. It will work on your pedals if you need it. You have my phone number. Call whenever you are ready.
They are usually lubricated when new and I lubricate mine at about 6 month intervals, which would be about 2000 miles. Quite easy to grease when the outboard end screw is removed and the end cap dislodged, or loosened. Use a rubber pointed tipped grease gun firmly applied to pressure lube them.
I just "inherited" a pair of speed Play Zero Stainless Pedals. They are brand new. So I installed them on the bike and swaped out my KEO cleats for the Speed play cleats. But in reading the instructions it talked about greasing the pedal before using and then every 2000 miles. this requires a special grease gun and fitting.

I am very surrised that these pedals would not be lubricatied before shipping. is this really required?
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