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Butt Bump
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Pain in shoulder or elsewhere such as legs that have know evidence on X-Rrays etc.. Go to our our club Chiropractor 'sponser' memrber Dr Rita Awender for an adjustment. Racers know all about the benefits of Chiropractic adjustments as Chiropractors are on their teams. I have benefitted greatly from these tune ups !
From Siegfried " Why not just see a doctor?"

Because I am Male! Real Men don't go to doctors, don't ask for directions, and only go to auto mechanics when the car stops running. Waiting for doctors, and haircuts is something a kin to watching paint dry. Hate it.

Seriously though, if it becomes a problem I will. But right now it is more of an irritation. I have been to doctors for things "like this" and they really don't have answers. Last time I was at the doctor for pains in my left shoulder, Left hand and Left foot, after several x rays there was nothing wrong with me. My hands get cold and he checks my circulation and says everything is fine. Even after a bike accident my nose was broken, my teeth went through my lip, my neck hurt for a while, Helmet had a big crack in it, but the biggest problem was my hands ached for months. Nothing showed up on the xrays (except the broken nose) but for months I could not lift a pitcher of beer with one hand. I guess it was just soft tissue so xrays don't pick it up because it is fine now,

So that is why no doctor. Takes time and often inconclusive.

I am thinking it is from a hard seat, long miles and rough roads hitting me in a certain area, but as Roger points out I may be barking up the wrong tree. And I do need to consider that.

However, if it is something a seat could help with, how would I go about deciding what seat would improve the situation, or if it possible it is a bike fit thing, I have not been to a bike fit session, perhaps I should.

The Lube idea from Rodger may have some value. PRessure rubbing on the bones

As far as undergarment in the bike shorts, This I am aware of.

Thanks everyone for input.

Who knew there was such a thing as an assometer?

These kind of posts may answer other peoples questions that were not asked as well.
Okay so it's called an Ass-ometer and it does exist. It is a platform that has gel in it and when you sit on it the imprint of your butt will tell you the distance between your sit bones. 
Also, since no one else addressed it, wearing of undergarments can foster problems and prevent the bike shorts from doing their job. Read this month's BIKESHORTS newsletter column by "Sue de Nym". 
Lastly, I really don't make this stuff up.
Hello Mike,

After reading all of the great input concerning your situation, something came to me. Why not just see a doctor? I have had what seems like a similar experience to yours. Mine turned out being an ingrown hair. However, there are a large number of possibilities here; anything from bacterial or fungal to calcium deposits or God knows what. All of this other advice is very well intended and quite good actually, but each and every person's situation can be very different. The reality is that it just might be something very different then what we can asses here.

So, why not simply have a professional tell you what it actually is instead of us shooting in the dark and guessing what it might be? Hope this helps...


Right, the bump is most likely a boil caused by bacteria invading the skin. Again, you need to eliminate the bacteria or fungus that is the cause while you seek a more comfortable saddle. Try a ten day course with lomatril wash immediately after riding. Dry the area well before dressing and lubricate your shorts generously before and during long rides. You could buy Chamois Butter or its equally expensive competitors. I use bag balm available in large tins at most pharmacies and lots less expensive. I spent the better part of a year trying to address the problem as a mechanical one when I was riding 600m month training for PBP. It was not until I realized that the problem is more hygienic than mechanical that I got rid of the painful boils and sores.
By bump it is not a skin irritation, rash or even a chaffing. It is like a contusion, or lump on my bone. Like a goose egg.

In its location I cannot see it, but even if I were so flexible I don't think it is visible. you can only feel it by pressing on it.
I have frequently read that saddle sores especially the painful "bumps" and open wounds are primarily caused by bacterial or fungal infections of the dermas. The most common culprit is ringworm or some other relative of athletes foot that abrade the skin and leave it vulnerable to the battering by the saddle. Do try to get a saddle that is comfortable, but first try to eliminate the more likely possibility. The combination of moisture, heat and rubbing creates a great environment for fungal infections. Try three things:

1) daily application of a fungicide designed to treat athletes foot or jock itch (lomatril works for me) to the groin and but areas

2) Avoid as much as possible sitting around in wet shorts after a ride. Git in the shower and scrub the vulnerable parts ASAP after riding

3) Do not reuse shorts without washing

In trying out saddles, try and wait until you are relatively saddle sore free. You do not want a saddle that accommodates your sores, you want one that fits a healthy butt. I avoid padded seats and I am in a strong majority of riders who put in 150+ miles a week.
Butt-o- meter? Are you serious? or does it fall into the the Sky hook catagory of things that don't exist but would be very useful
First of all, good luck finding a saddle. It is truly trial and error.
Second, all saddles will degrade over time. Newer technology is such that there are different density foams within the saddle that "break in", thus the term is true...break in a new saddle. And in the case our your old saddle it is probably way past time.
Third, I've found that a proper fit helps immensely. Where I wasn't extremely comfortable with my saddle to begin with, after being fit to my bike, it all worked out.
Lastly, the local bike shops will let you try out a saddle. Just be sure to ride it for 25 or more miles at a time. In some cases you may think it feels good but after 20 or so miles you may have a different opinion.
Other than the butt-o-meter at the bike shop to give you an indication of size, everything else is subjective. What works for me may not work for you so don't buy a saddle based on a friends recommendation. At least not until you have ridden it for 25+ miles. It took me 13 different saddles to find the one I use now. Again good luck!
Not quite sure if this is the best place to post as I am not sure if this is a bike fit issue, a equipment Saddle ISsue, a technque issue or a getting old issue.

I have had my bike with this Saddle for over four years now. I have done long rides, I never really had issues before but it seems more recently on Mondays I have noticed swelling on my left side in the area where my "Butt" contacts the saddle.

Sure in the past there would be some soreness after long rides if I had not been riding for a while, but I never noticed the bump before and it only seems to be on the left side.

My first reaction is that there is nothing wrong with me, and i need a new saddle and that will solve all my problems.

So, my question is how to select a saddle, when really you don't know how it will work out untill you put a couple hundred miles on it?

I have read articles in Bicycling magazine about width of the sit bones, and different techniques of saddle design. but not all that helpful.

Any input on saddle preferences or selection ideas would be appreciated or other things that could be the culpert here such as seat too far forward or back, Where the seat should hit you, what is a sit bone?

Another thing I noticed this past couple weeks is my feet freezing even this past SAturday and Sunday when it was not too cold.. I am wondering if the two could be related, of maybe it is just my shoes. First winter on these shoes.

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