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RWBTC is a recreational bicycling club devoted to the promotion of friendly cycling in the Redlands, CA area.

We cater to riders of all levels and abilities.

Club wear and clothing

Club T-shirts
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This just in re. T-shirts. The price is to be $12.00 each, regardless of style gender or color. We are not taking orders, but there will be enough for one for each member with some left overs.
Me too! As the club grows, we are challenged with new tasks. As a member of the board, please understand we laboriously debate what is best for the club...the membership. The decisions aren't necessarialy what any one officer wants but what we conclusively believe is the best for all. We appreciate and embrace the support of each member. Although each of us are volunteers, we take seriously our mission to give to each one of you. Thank you for supporting RWBTC....for putting aside your own personal agendas. We are all here for a common enjoy and promote the passion of cycling. Any day on the bike is a good day. Hope to have the pleasure of riding with you soon!
The T-Shirts look great, can't wait to buy one, or two.
Sorry Russell but it is not economically feasible to maintain an inventory of too many options. As it is we are offering a Mens T in White, Black and Tan and Womens in a White and Black. Multiply that by various sizes and you can see how numbers add up quickly. Perhaps on the next round we might consider a pre-order.
The club is ordering ahead and not taking orders. We will sell at meetings and such. No long sleeve.
I am getting a little lost on the ordering of t-shirts. Yes, I would like to order a t-shirt. I would also like to order a long sleeve t-shirt. Is that an opttion that is available ? Can this be addresed at the club meeting ?
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