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Redlands PD FB Post on Bicycle Safety and Licensin...
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i believe the DMV code says ride as far to the right as can safely do. And, single-file. that doesn't mean everybody does that or enforces that, just as the code says need to stop at stop signs.
the one interesting thing is that the code now says bicyclist can signal a right turn with their right arm straight- out, this was added about two years ago.
I wonder how old that blurb about licensing is? I'd be tempted to go in, plunk down my buck fifty and demand my license plate. Then, I'd challenge them to find a seatpost on my bike to mount it on! ;-)

Thanks James. I'll take a read and post relative info.
I've found many areas of the bikelink website to be vague, incomplete, or simply inaccurate. It's a good starting place, but it could still get you in trouble if law enforcement gets involved.

I've found CABO to be a better source of information on California law.

They cover a lot of the nuances of the law, such as the fact that cyclists on roadways are never required to use a separated path or the shoulder. Or that while riding two-abreast on the road is legally questionable, that you can legally ride two+ abreast in the shoulder, bike, or one person on the road and one person on the shoulder.
More along these lines. I'll post some of the info on the front page.

(Scroll down for City of Redlands Municipal Code.)
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