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RWBTC is a recreational bicycling club devoted to the promotion of friendly cycling in the Redlands, CA area.

We cater to riders of all levels and abilities.


Awesome Site!
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It's my understanding that the logo currently dsplayed is to commemorate our 25th anniversary kit. I could be wrong, though. Don did mention at the most recent meeting that the 25th anniversary kit is a one time special deal and next year's will likely be a reworking of our current kit.
Hello Everyone,

While I agree that this looks like a great site, I am very disappointed in one area: What happened to our "Redlands" Logo? I was a member back when that Logo was first created, and I feel that there is a strong need for some continuity here. The colors and general look of the new Logo used on this site now looks a bit like the Hanger 24 bunch. And while they're a fine bunch, I see nothing wrong with our club keeping our own distinguished and unique identity.

What are your thoughts?

This is going to have a very positive effect on RWBTC operations and the RWBTC community!

Thank you to everyone who put in their time to make this happen. Tools like this will build interest, membership and club vitality. I want you all to know that your hard work is noticed, appreciated and acknowledged.

I am very proud to have witnessed the growth and positive changes in this club and look forward to seeing the RWBTC be the best that it can be!

Linda Ackerman
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